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As you can see, Jed has been drawing since he was a wee lad. He still gets this expression on his face a lot- he just draws well to make up for it. He does other creative stuff, too, to avoid mundane jobs that give him 24/7 headaches and make him feel like he is going to explode.
One cool thing he does is draw caricatures for special events. This also gets him 'out of the house'. Plus, he's allowed to be weird at these events (but still 'professional') because he is an 'artist'.
Being equal parts serious and silly, he enjoys creating a diverse body of work. He has three awesome kids, who are often his greatest inspirations.
If you want to get under his skin, tell him he 'overthinks'. If you want to brighten his day, show him you appreciate him outside of his talents. And whatever you do, don't say things like 'I wish I had a talent, so I didn't have to be smart'...

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