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Jed has been drawing for as long as he can remember. His 'formal
training' comes from watching his dad draw on paper plates while on
the phone and drawing old men disco-dancing in class when he
'should' have been paying attention. His doodling paid off in 2004,
when he was introduced to the world of caricature entertainment by
Kyle Edgell, where he quickly found a home. He is the illustrator of
three books for the
Who In The World Was... series for Peace Hill
Press, the
2010 United Therapeutics Graphic Annual Report, and two
biography comics from Bluewater Productions. He is the creator of
Storybook, a down-to-earth fantasy comic book series. He has three
beautiful children, Gryphon, Elowen, and Cora. He lives in
Lynchburg, Virginia.
Jed also used to rock out, albeit in a kind of timid and hyper-focused way.
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jed@jedmickle.com/ (434) 401-9184
Okay, this one really does rock. For real.